Pedigree Wrap Dog Treats. 50g.

Pedigree Wrap Dog Treats. 50g.

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Pedigree Wraps

Pedigree Wraps are delicious, protein rich dog treats, made for adult dogs of all sizes and breeds. Wraps are the optimal choice when treating your dog, be that during training or after good behaviour. Each Wrap contains chicken meat flavourings and chopped rawhide with 80 Percent protein. Pedigree Wraps are a healthy and tasty way to treat your dog. Filled with nutrients and vitamins, you don't need to feel guilty about indulging your dog anymore. Pedigree treats are specifically designed to help support active dogs, without any artificial colours or flavourings.

Product Description:

Delicious and tasty

Nutrient filled for adult dogs

Treat for preventing boredom

Ideal for treating or rewarding

80 Percent protein


Everything Pedigree does is for the love of dogs. For Pedigree, dogs aren't just a job, they're Pedigree's life. Pedigree's philosophy is to provide leading-edge nutrition that's affordable for everyone. And with over 80 years of experience making pet food, Pedigree is proud of its products. Pedigree's dedication goes into every product it makes and it works hard to develop ideal quality, nutritious products that'll help keep dogs of all breeds and ages happy and healthy.

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