Equip Digital Tyre Pressure Gauge.

Equip Digital Tyre Pressure Gauge.

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An easy - to - use digital tyre pressure gauge operated with a simple push button and with an easily read LCD screen. Keep handy to serve as reminder to regularly check tyre pressure to keep you safe and ensure no unnecessary tyre wear or damage occurs.

Measures: H 0.2cm x W 16cm x D 11cm

FAST TEST & ACCURACY: Nozzle easily forms a seal with the valve stem and you will quickly get the accuracy data, there are 4 units with range: 0-150PSI, 0-10BAR, 0-1000KPA, 0-10Kg/cm², press the on/off button to change data unit. Upgraded accurate units reach 0.1PSI, 0.01Bar, 1KPA, 0.01kg/cm². (Not compatible with Presta valves)

LIGHT NOZZLE & BACKLIGHT LED: A bright light located at the tip of the nozzle illuminates your work area making it easy for you to locate and attach to the tire valve. A upgraded more brighter LCD display clearly shows you your exact reading in low light or at night.

MORE SAFE & SAVE TIME: Check your vehicle's tire pressure yourself! Help maintain a normal tire pressure to reduce tire wear so as to prolong lifespan, also help improve fuel efficiency and vehicle operating performance to keep safety and avoiding blind speculation before your next driving.

EASY TO USE: Simply press "ON/UNIT/OFF" button to turn on the tool, select the range, and automatically shut off in 30-40 seconds to save the power; Non-slip texture makes it easy to hold onto and the ergonomic design is both suitable for men and women's hands.

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