Beauty Pro Collagen Mask With Olive Extract. 1 Sachet.

Beauty Pro Collagen Mask With Olive Extract. 1 Sachet.

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This deeply nourishing and hydrating formula utilises the benefits of Olive extract, perfect for dehydrated and thirsty skin types. This powerful ingredient offers antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits and a valuable source nutrients for the skin. As well as improving skin clarity the results are soft, supple skin with a youthful glow. Suitable for all skin types, our collagen sheet masks are cut to the shape of the face and ready to use. The science behind the Beauty Pro Collagen Infused Facial Masks is the utilisation of marine collagen, combined with key vitamins, herbs and botanicals to improve skin tone and complexion. As well as long term anti-aging benefits and improvement to your skin, our range of luxury masks are also perfect before a night out, special occasion or for pure indulgent luxury and relaxation. Simply cleanse, apply the mask to the face and then lie back and relax for 15 minutes.


Deeply Hydrating & Nourishing

Anti-aging treatment

Anti-Oxidant & Anti-Inflammatory

Improving skin clarity, tone and elasticity

Ready to use

Just 15 minutes

No animal ingredients or testing

Free of Mineral Oils, Lanolin and Petroleum

Paraben Free Formula

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