Profoot Gel Bunion Sleeve. Prevents Painful Rubbing.

Profoot Gel Bunion Sleeve. Prevents Painful Rubbing.

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Profoot Gel bunion Sleeve our Profoot gel bunion Sleeve gives you instant relief from painful bunions whilst reducing painful rubbing from shoes. We use cutting edge polymer gel technology so that our bunion Sleeve offers fast relief by reducing all pressure and friction to the area, helping to keep you pain free all day. A gel bunion Sleeve is designed to relieve pain caused by pressure and friction on your bunions. If you suffer with bunions and are looking for a simple way to take a break from the pain that they can cause, a gel bunion Sleeve can provide instant and effective pain relief. Bunions are bony growths that form on your feet, occurring at the base of your big toes. 

Nobody knows what causes bunions, but they can be very painful, especially when the sides of your shoes rub and press against them. This gel bunion Sleeve cushions your bunion with it's soft gel padding, providing a cushion which protects your bunions from pressure and friction. This barrier stays in place all day and relieves the pain that pressure and friction cause in your bunions, leaving you free to walk tall. 

To use your gel bunion Sleeve, simply slip the sleeve over your foot and feed your big toe through the hole. When applied correctly, your sleeve will look as it does on the packaging.

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