Garnier SkinActive Nutri Bomb Mask. Coconut. 1 Sachet.

Garnier SkinActive Nutri Bomb Mask. Coconut. 1 Sachet.

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When skin is dry, it needs more than hydration, it needs a recharge of nutrition: give it a mask moment! Indulge yourself with the first tissue mask by Garnier, soaked in a milky serum to deeply nourish you skin in 15 minutes.

This milky tissue mask:

  • Is packed with a milky serum with coconut milk & replumping hyaluronic acid.

  • Diffuses to your skin the equivalent of 1 week of hydrating serum in quantity

  • Has a triple layers tissue from vegetal origin that envelopes skin for a pure moment of comfort.


After just 15 minutes

  • skin is nourished and hydrated

  • dryness is reduced

  • skin is glowing and soft

After 1 week 2

  • skin complexion is improved

  • fine lines are reduced

  • skin is milky smooth

Non greasy. Suitable for sensitive skin. Equivalence in average Glycerin concentration in 7 daily applications of Garnier Rose Water Day Cream. Consumer test - 83 women - 1 after 1 application. 2 after 3 applications per week

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