Aveeno Skin Relief Moisturising Hand Cream. 75ml.

Aveeno Skin Relief Moisturising Hand Cream. 75ml.

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Formulated with a Prebiotic Triple Oat Complex* (Oat Flour + Oat Extract + Oat Oil) and shea butter. The cream moisturises very dry hands. It absorbs quickly and is clinically proven to help restore the skin’s natural barrier. The formula helps to improve the balance of the skin’s natural microbiome. It leaves skin feeling more resilient and healthy-looking from day 1.

Key Features

Moisturises and Soothes Very Dry Hands, Helps Heal Very Dry Skin

clinically proven to restore the natural skin barrierWith Prebiotic Triple Oat Complex* and Shea Butter


Dermatologist tested

High tolerance formula**. Suitable for Sensitive Skin.

Available in one size: 75ml

*in vitro test

** Formulated to minimise risk of allergies

How to use

For best results, apply to dry hands as often as required.

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